Restaurant license vs liquor (IV) license

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My partner and I have just started searching for and researching Chambres d’hôtes and have found a promising property with much potential. We would like to buy a property that has the potential to evolve from a table d’hôte to a restaurant and bar. Aside from needing a license IV, the internet searches have told me that only 450 people per such license per commune is possible.

My questions are :
1) does a restaurant license (which, from what I understand, is when alcohol is served with meals) fall under these same limitations per commune?
2) if we were to offer some sort of food option (charcuterie, etc.) or serve a small tapas bite to each guest, would that qualify as food?
3) if not, is it acceptable to go straight to the Mairie now (via email) and ask about liquor licenses in the commune? (this one is only 2000 population, so only four such licenses are available from what I understand). I’m scared of putting off the local Mairie as an American trying to bring a bar into the area. That being said, my partner and I have an extensive background in food and beverage, and my French isn’t too awful (of course, I would email them in French), so we may offer a promising opportunity to bring in revenue.

Thanks so much!

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