Relevant CFE document from Impots

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Hello Valerie,

I recently registered as an auto-entrepreneur and have received a memento fiscal from Impots, along with a CFE to complete and return (751 SD). I am wondering if this tax document applies to my situation at all.

Some more information:

-> I am an independent Leadership Development and Talent Management Consultant (APE 7022Z, as given in my Inscription)
-> I don’t intend to hire any employees
-> I work from home mostly with occasional client visits. Clients are in France, elsewhere in Europe and abroad
-> My rental agreement does not permit me to register a business at home, I chose a domiciliation company with an address in Paris

My business registration was done on the 9th of January.  As of now I have heard only from Impots and nothing from some of the other organisations. Is there a way I can follow-up with URSSAF and others?

Please advise on whether I should complete and send 751-SD?


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