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Hi Valerie,

I registered recently as a micro-entrepreneur to sell apps on the App Store and am awaiting my SIRET. 

I also registered with a domiciliation company (Ubidoca) and they have just advised me that I must provide proof of my registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) by sending an original KBIS extract.  And if I ever want to cancel the domiciliation contract I have to “fournir un document officiel (ex justificatif délivré par le Tribunal de Commerce ou la Chambre des Métiers…), attestant de la radiation ou du transfert du siège social de son entreprise ainsi prouver la fin de ses activités professionnelles avec notre adresse faute de quoi UBIDOCA sera amenée à facturer les loyers de domiciliation tant que le transfert ou la radiation ne sera pas effectif et validé par le Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés ou la Chambre des Métiers.”

1) what is the best way / website to register with Commerce et des Sociétés, and is this something I would have needed to do anyway to sell Apps?
2) do I need to wait for my SIRET before registering with Commerce et des Sociétés?
3) will I automatically get the KBIS extract upon registering, or is that a separate step?
4) how long does it normally take to get a KBIS extract?
5) if I want to cancel the domiciliation later, is it actually possible to get the document they refer to above?  (otherwise I’m concerned they will refuse to cancel).

Many thanks!


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