Registration and accounting for holiday let?

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We have been renovating and converting part of our French property into one large holiday let unit which can accommodate up to 13 people per booking (only one booking at a time). We are still UK residents at this time, but have no UK income as we were self-employed and have not kept up our work there.  We are due to open for business next month and have some forward bookings, so are anxious to get the formalities right:

  1. Can a large unit like ours be referred to as a gite?
  2. What regime should we register under - for the first year of trading we will turnover perhaps 30,000 euros, but our operating expenses will be fairly high?
  3. We have spent a lot of capital on the conversion of barns to create the holiday let - will we be able to offset the capital spend against the business?
  4. Would it be more appropriate to become French resident when the business commences, for tax reasons, as it will be our primary income?
  5. Would you be able to undertake the registration for us, and if so, what would be the fee?
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