Registering for TVA and billing a client within the EU

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A similar question to another one raised recently but slightly different.
I went over the Auto Entrepreneur Services TVA limit in April therefore need to register for TVA from 1st April. I went into the messagerie and had a message that said “You have no authorization for the “Messaging” service. Please join or be designated as delegate for the desired file.”
I have registered for the messagerie service but have to wait up to 2 weeks for an access code. In between times I have an Irish client who I need to re-invoice. The invoice date was 31st March but the payment date (that took me over the limit) was mid April. I need to invoice this client again. Without a TVA number I cannot properly bill them. Do I bill them as I usually do and advise them I will have to re-bill when I receive the number? As they are within the EU I believe no funds will change hands anyway as I need to declare a DES return?
thank you

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