Registering as a business in France for airbnb/

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We’ve lived in France since January this year and we successfully got my Australian husband a five year titre de sejour through marriage to a European national (I’m English). We’ve started advertising two of our bedrooms on airbnb and and have so far completed four bookings, bringing in around 450 euros. We are also caretakers a nearby gite in France which has so far brought in 430 euros.

We currently have no healthcare organised or SIRET number. I’m thinking auto-entrepreneur might be best as we don’t know how much we’re likely to do at this stage.

  1. Is the auto-entrepreneur business your suggestion too?
  2. Is there a cost to starting a business in France?
  3. Can I start a business online or does one have to visit the Chamber of Commerce?
  4. Can we register ourselves for bed and breakfast caretaking and a salon du the all under one business registration?
  5. Will this help with admission into healthcare or is there a threshold of income required to qualify?
  6. Would we go into CPAM or PUMA?
  7. Can both of us qualify for healthcare, i.e. can the auto-entrepreneur be in joint names?
  8. Does this negate the need for an S1?
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