Registering account on line impôts etc

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Thought you might have missed my follow up questions so posting it here too.
I am confused about what online things I need to set up so have avoided to register any.

Just checking I should set up impôts.gouv. even though no permanent social number
I tried to do this and it came up with my maiden name not my name I use everyday so I did not continue registering. Do you think they have made a mistake if so do I call them?

Also do you know if i can use a different bank account for my carte vitale payments as if I have to pay upfront I would rather it came from my main personal accounts here my pension gets paid into?

Last question I have heard nothing from CPAM (sept business registration) so have not been asked yet for ID should I be concerned yet and if so what do I need to do?

Many thanks Mélanie

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