Registered as gite but getting paperwork through for hotel or restaurant?

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I registered as an auto entrepreneur for a gite (55.10Z) but the title was for a hotel, tourism etc. I have now received paperwork from various organisations and I am wondering if any of them is applicable to me and if I need to get my business titled changed. The organisations are:

  1. Info-siret. Activities hotels et hebergement similaire. Fee required 198 euros.
  2. Klesia. Enclosing a certificate sante HRC 32 euros a month. Categorie cadre et non cadre. And a certificated admission regime de prevoyance.
  3. APE. Activities hotels et herbergement similaire. 234.54 euros required.
  4. Insee. Certificate d’incripion au repertoire des enterprises et des etabkisements.

Could you let me know which organisations and fees I should be paying as a gite owner?

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