Register an auto-entrepreneur business or register with Impots?

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You gave great advice regarding the best way to register our French holiday rental / sejours linguistique business and I was ready to set up as an auto-entrepreneur. Then read your recent advice to another member about being able to register direct with Impot and pay 15% of 50% of income as CSG-CRD and no social charges if our French income is less than 50% of global household income.

This year our French income will be more than 50% of global household income so an auto-entrepreneur would be the best option. But next year we will rent out our UK property (and pay UK tax on this) and, as a result, our French income will be less than 50% of our global household income and so registering direct with Impots would be the most cost effective option. We have our own health care provision and still pay basic UK social charges so we are not really needing French Healthcare

I am worried that if I set up as an auto-entrepreneur this year will it be hard to close down the auto-entrepreneur next year and register direct with Impot. What are your thoughts on this please.

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