Régime réel simplifié, SASU, EURL, RSI or another?

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Hi Valerie,

I’ve poked around the forum and found some relevant info, and my question is pretty basic, but I am still struggling to understand the different regimes, and I’d like to get your help/insights/advice on my specific situation, as I really trust you!

I am an auto-entrepreneur who started declaring VAT at the end of last year. This year, my income will definitely go beyond the auto-entrepreneur threshold of 72K.

Which regime would fit me best as a single consultant with no employees, not much overhead, and almost all my income coming from a single company in the US – régime réel simplifié? SASU? RSI? EURL?

As I understand, I would need to switch to régime réel simplifié in December of the previous year, so I would have missed that deadline for 2022. But I also read that I can be over the limit (of 72K) as an AE/ME for 2 years before I have to change my regime. So I could potentially go over the AE/ME threshold this year and then switch to régime réel simplifié at the end of 2022. Is this correct? 

Thank you!


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