Recommendation for banking and bookkeeping platforms for Micro Entrepreneurs

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Im researching which bank is best for Micro Entrepreneurs and thought you may know.

I have a separate account for my ME with CIC at the moment, where my personal account is, but think this is probably not the best option as there are charges for any (subscription etc) payments that aren’t in euros, and a number of the things I’m using for the ME (Dropbox, Squarespace etc) are set up in pounds sterling or dollars.

I’ve been looking for something available to French tax residents that is similar to Starling or Mettle in the UK: app-only banking, multi-currency with no charges, and (ideally!) free access to bookkeeping software (which you get with Mettle (free subscription to Freeagent).

If none exist in France that fit all of the above, I’d still love to know your recommendations for a bank or app-only bank that is good for ME’s, with charge-free multi-currency. And which bookkeeping platform or software you would recommend? 

Thank you!

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