Receiving Pole Emploi benefits while having a low turnover as AE

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I provide design services (BNC) as AE (I started the business back in March 2022). Even though 2023 my turnover was quite good until May 2023, I lost some of my main clients and since then the monthly amount I get is less than 500EUR. I recently had a brief discussion with another AE who was saying that as his turnover was also impacted, he is getting some kind of benefits from Pole Emploi for having low turnover (he didn’t specify what kind of benefits).

My questions:

1) Can you receive any kind of benefits from Pole Emploi when you have a low turnover after a specific period of time? For more info, I used to have around 4-5K each month until May 2023 and then it dropped down to 500EUR per month, which continues like that, currently).

2) If I close the business, will I be able to get unemployment benefits from Pole Emploi?


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