Questions on starting a business while employed

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I’m considering starting a part-time business and I just wanted to check some of the implications.

1. I’d prefer my employer does not know about my business. It does not in any way compete with them and I checked my employment contract and there is no mention of having to reveal any other businesses I might be involved with. I just want to check however if I am required to notify them.

2. Assuming I don’t have to notify them, if I register a business would it be possible for my employer to look me up and find I have a registered business?

3. The idea I would like to pursue involves importing products and then selling them in Europe online. The costs may run as high as 80% of revenue. However, as this is just likely to be part-time and more of a side project, I doubt I’ll exceed a maximum of 20000 Euros revenue in the first year. Bearing this in mind, what business structure would you recommend? If it is micro entrepreneur, is this something that can be changed later on?

4. What would my liability be under this structure?

5. Would I have to charge TVA on top of the sale price?

6. If I am importing from outside Europe, will I be charged TVA? And if so, can I claim it back?

7. In case I lose my job (main source of income), would my right to chômage be impacted by having this business?

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