Questions during registration of an Micro Entrepreneur business

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I (finally) started today the registration process for my Micro Entrepreneur business, using INPI website.
I have completed the 9 steps for the registration but I haven’t validated the dossier yet, as I have couple of questions:

01. There is a checkbox with the label “Entrepreneur bénéficiant du statut de non sédentaire ?”
Not sure if I have to click this. I am an EU national (not French).

02. Le déclarant a-t-il recours à une société de domiciliation ?
Not sure about this. I will use my home address as the business address, but I am not sure if this checkbox should be set to YES or NO.

03. Activité non sédentaire ?
I will provide services related to design (UI/UX, graphic, web). I will not be selling any physical artwork/designs to stores etc, but I am not sure if this checkbox should be set to YES or NO.

04. Date de début de l’activité
Can I select a date that is for example 1st June 2024? What if I select a date and my request for the ME creation does not get processed by that date?

05. Option pour le versement libératoire *
Not sure about this. What is the difference between selecting YES or NO.

06. In case I decide on a later stage (after my ME is created) to add more activities to my ME, will I be able to add these activities? And as the main activity will be design services, will I be able to add for example selling digital products on platforms like Etsy or selling on Amazon KDP?

Thank you in advance!

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