Question about moving home but not immediately into a new place

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On the 19th December I’m leaving my flat (the CFE have both my personal and professional address listed as here), but I’m not immediately moving to a new place because I’ll be coming to the UK for Christmas and New Year, and then sub-letting a friend’s spare room for a month or two while I search for a new place.

I wanted to avoid changing my address with the CFE twice in quick succession because the administration can be a pain. So, I thought about setting up post redirection with La Poste. The last checkbox they make you check is “Je m’engage à ne pas déménager d’entreprise, ni association, ni société. Pour information, La Poste propose un site de réexpédition en ligne spécifique pour les entreprises.” How likely is it that I get in trouble for deceiving the CFE and other organisations (RSI, RAM, etc) for this short period? Also, with taxes in May, I know I’ll get the question “where did you live on the 1st of January” and will have to give evidence of not having an address in France. I want to avoid any contradiction.

I had also thought of changing my business address to a societe de domiciliation but these are a bit expensive for me, AND I’d still have to update my personal address with the CFE twice anyway (once to my friend’s and once when I move to my own place).

If the risk is low, I’d prefer, right now, to set up the redirection with La Poste and change my details with CFE and others, in February when I move into a new place. What do you think?

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