Property taxes on LMNP

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Hello Valerie

I run a LMNP with a secondary property.. I have been doing this for 2 years (all properly registered with the mairie etc).

1.  I read a number of articles last year which advised that, if you were LMNP and become “classée » for the property that you rent out to tourists, then one of the benefits is that you become exempt from tax d’habitation and fonciere on the property in question .  So I had the property classed by the tourist board and received my certificate and attestation of classification, which I sent to the Mairie and to the tax office.

However, I have recently received an avis of tax foncière and tax habitation for the property, for the amounts as if it was a secondary house that is NOT rented out but used for personal purposes.
Is this an error? Should I have been exempted??

2.  I was not classée in the first year of being LMNP, but my local taxes were still as if it was a secondary home,  used for personal purposes and not for business purposes. My question is, for the first year, should my taxes have been less than that of a secondary home, under the circumstances?

Thanks for you advice on this.

Best regards.

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