Product leasing finance here in France?

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I am starting a new business selling a kind of outdoor weather protection cover in France to both commercial and private customers - well that’s the theory anyway. The cost is reasonably high, 3,000 to 10,000 euros depending on size. Therefore for commercial customers e.g. cafes, restaurants, and campsites I need to be able to offer the product on a credit-bail, very much in the same way that a vehicle dealer will offer leasing on commercial vehicles. I would obviously want to take a commission from the credit-bail contract also.

I am having trouble finding a company who I can arrange this service through. I’ve tried 2 banks to no avail. My bank said good luck but because I’d essentially be competing with them, they couldn’t help me. I’ve tried financial and mortgage brokers but none I have spoken to deal with such products. What kind of company should I approach, and does anyone have any recommendations?

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