Private transfers - VPR

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I would like to add providing transfers to my business, mostly airport transfers but also driving people to restaurants or activities if they request it. It would be for the guests at my own chambre d’hote but also for other people’s guests. I found something called Vehicule de Petite Remise (VPR) which seems to fit what I want and it says to get authorisation from my prefecture, however, on the website for my department (Aude) there is no mention of it.

I have found a form to get authorisation on the prefete de la Creuse website but Aude only seem to have taxi or Vehicule de Transport avec Chauffeur (VTC)  as options. They seem very difficult options involving lots of training etc. Do you know if petite remise is only an option in certain departments? Or is there someone else I can get authorisation from?

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