Private Pensions / PER(P)?

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As far as I see the retraite collected by the auto-entrepreneur’s compulsory system won’t be very luxury. I think it might make sense to get a private pension top-up, like a PER or PERP which are also tax-deductible (to a certain degree).

I know multi-national pension collection might be a complicated topic and moving to France I am already part of different national regimes, so I would like to not make it too complicated. I am unsure of how this would pay in the long term if one would move out of France again.
But my guess would be I could keep paying into the PER (but likely it’s not tax deductible under a different restriction) or not, but it gets taxed at payout time in whatever country I would live in. Any experiences or recommendations?

Also, I am not sure what is the difference between a PER and a PERP.

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