Pole emploi allocations after declaring micro-entrepreneur earnings

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I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I am both receiving chomage and earning income as a micro-entrepreneur, and that I made the mistake of initially signing up for trimestrielle declaration with URSSAF so I couldn’t declare my 4th trimester business turnover to Pole Emploi, to which they withheld my allocation payments until now.


- My normal monthly allocation (without any turnover from ME activity) was around 2100e (in Sept, Oct 2022)
- They didn’t send me any allocation payment in Dec 2022
- In 4th trimester 2022 I made around 3700e as a ME, averaging to about 1250e in turnover each month (declared to both PE +URSSAF and paid social charges)
- They sent me an allocation payment in Jan 2023 for 71e??

But I don’t understand how the allocations are calculated because the payments are now minuscule and I’ve written them to ask for clarification and I don’t really understand the response below:


< Oui, le justificatif trimestriel de l'URSSAF est suffisant afin de justifier de vos revenus de micro entrepreneuse.

Pour ce qui est de l'indemnisation, étant donné que vous êtes sous régime trimestriel à l'URSSAF, Pôle Emploi vous verse tous les mois 70% de vos allocations, en l'attente de votre justificatif trimestriel.

Ce dernier viendra régulariser le trimestre concerné; verser le restant de vos allocations ou bien vous demander de reverser au Pôle Emploi les sommes trop perçues.

La formule mathématique est énoncée sur le lien suivant :


Vous avez, dans votre situation, un abattement de 34% à positionner sur la formule donnée. >>

Could you help me make sense of it? Basically I just want to understand: if I keep bringing on average only 1250e of turnover every month, does that mean I will receive only less than 100e in chomage? Because in that case it would be more beneficial if just cease my ME activity and only depend on chomage allocations because it will be more? Thanks Valerie

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