Paying CFE - I was late getting it paid and now don’t see the Payer blue box mentioned in your blog

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Due to reasons, I neglected to pay the CFE.

We only did it via paper before since the office was a short walk from our house. Starting Jan 2020 I’m registered in a different department than I was for 2019 so I’d like to take care of it online.

Now that I’m out of the hospital and can function again, I’d like to pay the CFE. When I go to the and follow Step 4 in your guide to paying the 2019 CFE, the blue Payer box is not on the page. I can click on the bold and see the Avis d’imposition, so that part works. I just need to know how to pay the CFE.

Since it’s after the new year, am I too late to pay online? The form states that I now have until 15/02/2021 to pay. But where on the website?

You helped me set up my Auto-entrepreneur in 2016 in Saint Quentin. Late in 2019 I moved to a new department; Oise. I’ll have a few questions about that coming soon.


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