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Good Afternoon,
We have been here a year and have not registered with CPAM/PUMA or pretty much anything else. I don’t want to get set up in the wrong system as it sounds that taxation wise it could be very expensive.
So the best way to structure set up a business? Complicated by the virus restrictions as well.
We are not actually trading/earning any money (I am just back from 16 weeks freelance work in Ireland) and we probably won’t for this year looking for the cheapest and simplest formation.

Myself and my husband will be using 32.5 hectares for livery for horses and ultimately (but not until next year or the year after) for equestrian holidays and language courses. The house will be used for the equestrian holidays and also open as a chambre d’hote. There are also 3 gites to be renovated and incorporated into this.

I also have a registered business in Ireland where I am an agent for sourcing and advertising horses for other people. I also advertise property on the website. Turnover can be high (not this year!) but my taxation is low. Mainly because I invoice and receive the monies for horses that don’t belong to me and for shipping and when the owner of the horse is reimbursed and other ancillaries I am not left with much. I could move this business to France but everyone seems to advise me not to?! It is global and predominantly internet and phone based. I am assuming costs here in France can still be deducted from the gross so tax is paid on the net profit or is that not the case here? Leaving the business in Ireland will also create two lots of accountancy fees although I put all income and outgoings into a spreadsheet and my annual accountancy costs are €615 per annum in Ireland and probably much more expensive here?.

Also, a neighbour with 20 hectares has split his holding with his wife as he said it is cheaper through the MSA to do it that way? We have been here since last July and I am still struggling with all this and don’t even have a social security number yet. Alternatively, should we not bother to register any business this year as we aren’t trading? Myself and my husband will be running this so I understand we could set both up as EI so costs could be offset (don’t think auto entrepreneur allowed for agriculture but not sure for EI) perhaps one doing farming and one doing Chambre d’hote or better just to register as farming and the bed and breakfast and gites would just be extra income? So many variables my mind is boggled by researching this.

Thank you in advance for your help and apologies for the long message and perhaps I am jumping the gun and should leave doing anything until we are about to open. I am assuming we should register with CPAM or PUMA or if we register with MSA does that suffice?

Hopefully someone can assist us in moving forward and we can make a decision and going with it.

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