Non professional landlord for furnished dwellings and gites?

walton coachworks
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I am writing on behalf of a friend. Please can you clarify four points before she submits her tax declaration for 2015.

  1. Please can you confirm how many months a gite can be rented for.
  2. Four of the dwellings do not have separate electricity and water meters so therefore both electricity and water comes from the main meters in her own home. Can she claim for the usage of both electricity and water on her tax form or should this figure be included in the monthly rent charged to the client for each property. This is a substantial amount of her yearly expenditure and not reflected in the rental charge for the property.
  3. I have suggested she install a check meter to gauge the amount of electricity and water used - can she install this immediately or does she have to wait until a new client takes on the rental.

She is submitting her tax return next week and it would be to her advantage if she could calculate the electricity and water charges for this purpose.

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