New law when registering a chambres d’hotes with the tourist office?

Patti Atwood
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I am having a lot of problems getting the tourist office to register me on their website. They advised me that the laws for the tourist office have all changed and now the tourist office is liable if there is a problem with a guest staying where someone has recently opened a chambres d’hote.

Apparently these laws don’t apply if you have already been open a couple of years, it is only for new businesses. Does anyone know anything about this? I have taken in a letter from the person responsible for tourism at the Chamber of Commerce in Limoges stating that there are no laws that I need to adhere to as I am less than 5 rooms, but to no avail. I have got my stamp from the Mairie on the new form and I have given the tourist office this copy as well. How am I to get business from the tourist office? what else can I do?


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