My clients are all UK or US based charities, do I charge VAT?

Jason King
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Hi Valerie, just joined, been meaning to sign up for ages.

I’m a micro-entrepreneur, profession libérale (doing digital advertising).

My earnings have grown over the last year, and I’m now making between 12,000 - 18,000 euros per quarter. Do I need to register and start charging TVA? Coming from the UK where the earning limit is way higher, this never occured to me before.

Just to potentially complicate things:

All my clients are registered charities. Half are based in the UK, half in the USA. Do charities need to be invoiced for TVA? At their own country’s rate, or the French rate?

And can they claim it back? If so, how? I’ve spoken to two clients, who were worried they’d have to use a foreign system. This could result in me losing clients if it’s not a simple procedure for them!

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