Multiple Activities - Impact on business registration

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I have a few questions - hopefully, you can help:

My wife and I moved to France in March of this year, and have purchased a house in Haute-Vienne. I have retired, and have a UK State pension - We both intend registering as auto-entrepreneurs, as we would need to generate some additional revenue, as my pension income is not quite enough to cover our living costs.

My wife’s case should be relatively straightforward: she will be working as a masseuse (I believe she has to call it Technique manuelle de bien-être et de lâcher-prise or Thérapeute en drainage lymphatique?) possibly adding Crystal Therapy Lithotherapeute ?) as an additional activity - I believe that all these would come under professions libérales?

My own situation will be a bit more complicated: I would probably go for Website Design & Development Conception De Site Web, Developpement, Vente De Solutions Informatiques?  as my main activity (I think professions libérales?). As additional activities I would like to add musical instrument repair (Reparation D’Instruments De Musique?) and making and selling craft items (woodturning and printmaking) online via an Etsy store - I think both of these would count as artisanal? Finally I will possibly earn some money as a musician (I was a pro musician in an earlier life!).

  1. Is it possible to have a mix of revenue streams like this? It is hard to say initially which of these will generate the most income.
  2. What is my best approach for getting up and running with this mix of activities - Is it something that I can do in one go, or is it better to register the “professions libérales” activity first and then add the others on later?

Cheers - Henry

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