Moving to France and opening a business

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I have been on extended leave, staying in France (but domiciled in the UK). I am thinking of extending my stay and make a little money (probably less than €10 000 a year) teaching English and doing some writing. I have seen how simple it is to set up an auto-entrepreneur. I guess I also need to register with the Impots for personal taxation. The complicating factor is that I am a Director of a business in the UK, a limited company. The Company Secretary still resides in the UK. From time to time I will do small pieces of work for the UK company, for which I receive a small salary. Would it be better to stop the salary payments and/or dividends from the UK company? The company pays UK Corporation Tax and is not VAT registered (income below threshold). What is the position with paying myself dividends if I am resident in France - at present these are credited for tax purposes so I pay no personal tax in the UK.

Update: I registered the Auto-enterprise today, waiting for the documents to arrive by post before I can get my SIRET number. I see that registration for social security number and Impots is automatic.

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