Moving family and business from the UK

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I’m a bit overwhelmed as to where to start with things but this is my situation;

We moved here in September 2019. We’re renting a winter-let gite so in April need to find a more permanent rental until we sell our house in the UK. My partner is working out the UK and travels back and forth - he will remain a UK tax resident.

I’m a dual national French-British and have a UK limited company. My business revenue streams are
- digital products (online programs, membership, mp3s)
- consultancy, coaching & mentoring
- book sales (direct from my sites, and Amazon etc)
- teaching (online courses)
- licensing fees

I currently receive revenue in USD, GBP and EUR.

I want to maintain the UK company and now look to set up something in France but I’m just not sure what that could look like.

I thought I could set up a micro-entrepreneur for the coaching aspect of my business as this carries the minimal cost. From the reading I’ve done on the micro-entrepreneur setup, there doesn’t seem to be a consideration for business running costs, the %age deducted is based on total revenue. And as the online and licensing aspect of my business carries costs, I thought I’d leave that with the UK business and pay myself dividends.

I also wondered whether as a micro-entrepreneur, could my UK business be a client. Part of my coaching/mentoring/consultancy is digital marketing so I could feasibly offer that service to my UK company. This feels tidier to me. The tricky part is that people often take a combination of online courses + coaching from me so it’s not always easy to separate. Doing it this way would enable me to leave my current client set up as it is and simply start billing my UK company. Any coaching clients that don’t take combo things could also be put through France as and when they come up.

I also need to get a carte vitale and get the kids registered healthwise - but not sure what else #overwhelmed.

I realise this is a big question, but where would be a good place to start with all this?
thank you

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