Micro insurance for micro enterprises and auto entrepreneurs

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Hi, I read the article about Entrepreneurs de la Cité which has recently launched micro insurance is aimed at small businesses.
It mentions that in order to benefit from what are low rates, you will need to contact Entrepreneurs de La Cité via their partners - Boutiques de Gestion, Chambre du Commerce and I see that eligibility involves being accompanied by a support network for entrepreneurship.
I checked the website which states:
‘Les créateurs d’entreprise doivent être obligatoirement accompagnés par un réseau d’aide à la création d’entreprise pour souscrire à la micro-assurance et bénéficier des services gratuits’
What exactly does this mean? I have no affiliation (yet) to business creation assistance network.
How is this process best ventured into? I see many partners including e.g. the chamber of commerce
Do I simply contact them and affiliate myself? Is it free?

Micro insurance from Entrepreneurs de la Cités



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