Micro BNC form 2042

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I am declaring my income tax in France for the first time now, regarding the year 2013. My only source of income is my Micro BNC. Which parts of the Form 2042 do I need to pay attention to and which can I ignore? Where do I apply the standard 34% reduction? Beyond this, do I need to deduct other frais, etc?

I was officially working in Germany until the granting of my French titre de sejour on April 25, 2013. I am paying the German government taxes on income from January 1 to April 25, 2013. Can I just declare the amount made from April 26 to December 31, 2013 on the 2042 or do I need to declare the whole amount in 2013 and indicate elsewhere that I am already paying the German government a set amount, and deduct it somehow.

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