ME in France alongside Umbrella in UK

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Hi Valerie,

Not sure if this is fully your area of expertise or not so if not then I fully understand.

I am (with your help!) just about to set up my ME self employed status.  However, I intend to also do work in the UK on a short term/contract basis alongside my French work.  I can fit the criteria for either UK resident or French resident as I have houses in both countries and I just need to make the final decision on which date I confirm one or the other is my main residence.

The UK contract business company have asked me to elect an umbrella company to work through.  What I want to know is…..if I made the immediate decision to make France my main residence and was to set up with an umbrella company in France (rather than UK) is that going to cause a problem with my ME? 

It would mean an umbrella company getting invoices with a mix of French and English providers?  Just thinking would this eventually mean I have no need for an ME registration (once work has built up) and everything instead done through a French Umbrella company instead?

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