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I have applied and received confirmation my ME is established. I have SIRET, SIREN and was sent a letter to provide documents to l’assurance maladie in Lyon. I followed the instructions from l’assurance maladie letter and put it in their post box on the 6th Nov. It was possibly one or two business days later i received a letter with my social security number. Assuming it was a simple task, i tried to create an account on ameli website. Entering my correct details, the account creation page noted i had an error. I tried different possible data but it remained an error. This could be due to 1) someone entered my data incorrectly or 2) my social security number is not correct.

I reviewed the ameli english page for information. It wasn’t quite clear or helpful. I tried to contact the english line for a couple days now. It has always barred. Unfortunately i don’t speak French almost at all. My partner does and she hasn’t been answered on the phone.

I read questions from your everyone’s question page to find more about CPAM/ameli/social security and still remain confused. Where i am at now (and if you can provide your perspective)?
Scenario 1) Go to same l’assurance maladie office and ask for help.
Scenario 2) I moved to France in early Aug 2021 and have been living in Lyon (since mid Aug 2021 - rental contract, bank setup, name on utilities), i have created an ME and assumed as part of the process setting up my health insurance will be prompted by french administration process. I have not submitted PUMA CPAM application as i thought through ME creation, my health insurance will be set up accordingly. Am i incorrect in my understanding of this health insurance process?

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