Manage a foreign company I own while living in France

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I own 100% shares for an IT company in Hong Kong (HK). I have been managing it with one employee for 5 years now. The company’s income comes solely from HK. I plan to move to France and want to find the simplest options if I continue to manage the company from France (working online at home).

I want to know what is the least complicated option for me to continue working in France as managing director of my own company in Hong Kong.

I have read other questions and answers similar to mine but here are my specific questions.

1. What kind of business/employment structure would make sense for me? I just want to continue managing it but most of the actual work will be done by my employee. I do not plan to get clients in France.

2. If I continue to manage it, am I supposed to transfer the business in France? This does not make sense since it has been set up in Hong Kong and the staff and clients are in Hong Kong.

3. If I am paid a salary by my company in Hong Kong, how do I register myself in France? Would this be considered employer-employee status even if I essentially I am the employer (because I am 100% shareholder). If that’s the case, my Hong Kong company should pay social charges?

5. Can auto-entrepreneur or SASU work for my case? I will provide management service to my Hong Kong company instead of being employed? Do I need to have another client to prove its not employer-employee status? As mentioned above, will it be considered disquised employment even if in fact I am really “self-employed” by virtue of me owning 100% of the company in Hong Kong.

6. If I resign completely as managing director and just remain as company director and sole shareholder of the HK company and get dividends, do I need to declare/register anything in France (aside from the foreign dividends in my income tax form)?

7. Why does it seem there’s no straightforward way to work for your own company abroad which you have already established (for many years) before coming to France. What is the French government’s general view and expectation of this situation?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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