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I am getting very confused with the small business that I have setup.
Today I received a provisional demand for cotisations for next year.

To recap :
I have set up an LMNP micro bic for my chambre d’hôte
started April 2020
This years turnover was zero ( due covid)
Estimated turnover next year will be way below 5000 euros.
I already have a social security number as my husband works full time in France on a French contract

Can you please confirm that I will be exonerated from social cotisations and any income next year can be declared on my husbands tax return ?

Why am I getting demands from URSSAF ? Do I need to set up an URSSAF account? I don’t think I do??The Siret does not seem to allow me to set one up anyway?
I am piggy backing my husbands Carte Vitale so do not need to pay for additional health contributions which is what the back of the Appel Provisoire de Cotistations suggests??

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