Living in France, working in Spain, France and the UK?

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I wondered if you could help my wife and I better organise our business affairs in France. We both run walking holidays in Spain for a UK company/tour operator, and have recently bought a house in France with the intention, now, to live in France permanently. We set up the walking holidays in Spain from scratch, and as such are remunerated by way of a profit share arrangement from the UK company - which recognises the equity we hold in the initial set up as well as the ongoing work we do each year managing the holidays etc.

In the UK our affairs were simple, we were self employed and operated as a husband and wife partnership - submitting annual accounts and paying our income tax and national insurance as required. Now we live in France, everybody seems to have a different view on how best to organise our affairs - since whilst we do some day to day admin in France throughout the year, most of our remuneration relates to work done in either the UK or Spain (at the start and end of each summer season).

I also now work for the UK company on a more formal part time basis, but I undertake all of this work in the UK, and as such the position in this regard appears to be clear - pay UK taxes and declare this on our french tax return when the time comes. The real issue is how best to set ourselves up to deal with the profit share payments we receive for our work done partly in France, partly in Spain and partly in the UK.

We are keen to resolve this since we are anxious to affiliate to the French systems (especially now my wife has just discovered she is pregnant) - and since we still need to officially notify the UK of our departure and the French of our arrival, there would appear to be a few hoops to jump through before we can see a doctor and get ourselves firmly into the system for the purposes of the pregnancy.

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