Legality of overtly installed CCTV cameras in rental accommodation?

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We had a break in a few years ago and then (on a separate occasion) after tenants left our property the pool lights were left on which started a fire. The net result of these two incidences were that we we decided to install CCTV cameras (overtly) on the terrace and over the pool. Normally the movement detection is switched off after the rental has started but certainly some video is taken and stored on an SD card of one of the cameras for a few days after the tenants arrive. One of our clients took the SD card out of the camera where the videos are stored and is taking them to the Police tomorrow with a view to then making a court case against us when he returns home to his home country, Holland, at the weekend.

The point here is that the cameras were not hidden in any way and must be obvious to anyone that they are or could be live. Have we committed an offence by French law? And was the tenant entitled to remove the SD card without our permission?

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