Jurisdiction and timescale for preventing salariat déguisé

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I am a U.S. citizen moving to France for family reasons. After several years of residence and employment in Europe in the field of data science and IT, I’m planning to become a freelancer upon my move into France.

I plan to begin by subcontracting full-time through a single U.S.-based client. I would be working entirely from home-office with my own schedule, equipment, and on my own terms. Nevertheless, I understand that I might still be at risk of salariat déguisé by receiving all my turnover from a single source.

Given that my client is outside of the EU, I was wondering which labor laws would take precedence in my situation: those from France, the US, or both?

I do intend to do genuine freelancing and to eventually acquire multiple clients. If the URSSAF regulations apply, at which point would I need to demonstrate income from multiple clients? (E.g. immediately when starting, at the end of the first calendar year, or after one year of business?)

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