Joining Chambre de Metiers and URSSAFs’ directories - best way to do it and cost

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I recently asked you to register a business for me covering IT services, gardening services, and handyman tasks.  Your reply was that you would be unable to do this as garden maintenance and general handyman relate to Chambre de Metiers.  You also imply that after the course the Chambre de Metier will register the business there and then, assuming I have 200 € and proof of address.  My questions are:

  1. If my interpretation of your response is correct, how would I add the IT component? 
  2. I am trying to work out the costs of creating my business and, from your response, have only just become aware of the 200 € registration charge by Chambre de Metier on top of their 180 € training course.  Will there be any other one off charges with either Chambre de Metier or Urssaf?
  3. What would be the implications of registering first just the IT business, adding the work covered by Chambre de Metier at a later date.


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