Issue with first tax return on l’autoentrepreneur website

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Hello again Valerie,

I was checking through my tax return to make sure everything was set for my first payment to be made to URSSAF but there are some very confusing, contradictory-looking pieces of information.

Earlier this month, I filled in and recorded the returns for term 1 and 2. I even downloaded the justificatifs. But:

1. When I go to ‘Mes declarations’ in ‘Mes documents’, the first term appears correctly with the date of submission, the correct amount and the option to download my justificatif.

It’s different for the second term. It says:

Periode: 2eme trimestre 2020
Enregistree le: A regulariser
Exigible au: 31/07/2020
Montant des cotisations: €0 (this is incorrect)
Justificatif: Non disponible

2. In Declarer et Payer - Mes echeances en cours, the following appears:

2eme trimestre 2020
Ma declaration: effectuee le 02/07/2020 a 17:11
Mon paiement: enregistre le 02/07/2020 a 17:11

I’m super confused. Do you think I ought to get onto the phone to URSSAF or does it all look normal to you?

Thank you

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