Is UK income treated separately to my auto-entrepreneur income?

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I have been resident on France for over 10 years and have been registered as an auto-entrepreneur business since 2009. Next year I will be doing some work on a self employed basis for a UK company. The work will be carried out in the UK and I will be paid to my UK account. I understand that I have to declare my UK earnings on the foreign income tax return form in France, but I have some questions.

Will this income be treated separately to my auto-entrepreneur income and be taxed according to the normal French tax bands? In reality, the level of UK income would be less than the French personal allowance tax bracket. If the UK income is below the 0% tax ceiling would it therefore attract 0 tax regardless of what income I earn from my auto-entrepreneur work in France? What level of social charges would I be liable to on the UK income? Am I right in thinking it would be liable to health contributions only and if so what would these be?

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