Is auto-entrepreneur the best option to run a gite business?

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We are intending to move to France next year and are looking at buying an existing business with gites and bed and breakfast. In addition to that my wife and I will offer artisan services to guests and visitors - they will be the minority part of the business in financial terms. We are intending to operate the business as an Auto-Entrepreneur and I believe that this will be registered as an Activite Commerciale.  Am I correct in sating that cotisation charges on this type of business would be 12% of turnover?

I am 59 and my wife is 53. We will both have paid sufficient UK contributions to get state pensions - at the due time. Is there any reason for tax or social charges purposes for it to be better that one of us is the auto-entrepreneur than the other? We would not be conjoint because of the additional cotisation payment required but would add the other as a dependent when registering the business. In addition to the income generated from the French business we will have income from letting a property in the UK as well as investment income. The letting income from the UK would not be considered as part of the French business would it? I assume that we do not pay social charges on the investment income?

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