Is auto-entrepreneur tax efficient for chambre d’hotes?

La Lande
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My husband and I have separate auto-entrepreneur businesses since 2009. Last year we added chambre d’hotes to our registration. We work in partnership with an organisation who are the booking agent. We receive, on average 20,000 euros each, per year from this chamber d’hote work and very little from our other registrations. Is the auto-entrepreneur the best regime for us, if not, what are the other options best suited to us?

We have reasonably high costs involved, about 25%, we then pay 15% for charges and income tax this year under vente des marchandises and I understand this year we will eligible for the CFE tax, which in our commune is 20.13%. So that would mean we are paying 35.13% of our gross income. The figures work out at 20000 - 5000 (25% costs) - 7000 (35% taxes), leaving 8000 net.

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