Is a US Trademark worth the expense if my business is in France?

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I’m still living in the U.S. but plan to move to France in a few months. In 2023, I started the process with the USPTO for a US Trademark (TM) for Let’s France, which will be the French travel division of my French business.

Because a deadline was missed last May 2023, the TM was “abandoned” by the USPTO. Now I must pay upwards of $1,500 (in addition to the $1,000 or so I’ve already spent) to revive Let’s France and get it as my TM.

I’m working with Alison Grant Lounes, who helps people get the right visa in France. With her help I’m going to apply for a Talent Passport Visa Entrepreneur to start my French business. A French attorney is in the process of creating the necessary documents to form my business.

My business will include an English language blog/online magazine about France. I also plan to host group tours of France for English speakers.

My question is, given that my new business will be a French, is it worth it to try to revive my Let’s France TM (at a considerable extra cost)?

My target market is U.S. citizens. Does that factor into it whether or not I should go ahead, bite the bullet, and get the Let’s France TM?

If you think it’s now worth it since I’ll be doing business in France, the next question is, should I apply for the French equivalent of a TM?


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