Is a UK food hygiene certificate valid in France?

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I have a level two award in food safety in catering, accredited by the chartered institute of environmental health, from the UK. I believe it follows the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations applied here in France. Is this certificate valid in France, meaning I would be exempt from having to take the two day securite et hygiene training through the chambre de metiers?

I have been told by the chambre de metiers that in order for my UK hygiene qualification to be assessed and deemed valid (or not), that I must have the documents officially translated. It is then up to the ICRP to evaluate and decide whether it is valid which could take four months. It would just be useful for me to know anyone out there who has done this and been successful or whether I just bite the bullet, pay and undertake the two day training here in France.

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