Invoicing - Required Information

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Hi Valerie,

I have the following questions regarding the required information on an invoice to be legitimate.

1) Does the invoice number have to be unique, or can I use one enumerated series per client?

2) What is the rate for late payments I shall apply?

3) I do not understand the “day of delivery” thing wrt services. I am offering services which take place continuously so it seems odd to pinpoint this to one day.  I guess I should put in the last day of the month then for a monthly invoice?

4) “Individual VAT identification number of the seller and the professional customer, only if the latter is liable for VAT (reverse charge)”
What if my client does not have their VAT number yet? Also, this means if the client is generally VAT liable, not in the scope of this specific invoice?

5) The VAT rate I only show once I am VAT liable I suppose?

6) “Total amount to be paid excluding tax (HT) and all taxes included (TTC)
When not VAT liable, should I still do both and display the same amount twice?

Thank you

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