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I am an auto-entrepreneur (online English teacher for international online teaching platforms).  Some of my clients have specifically requested that I don’t send them invoices - e.g. I have emails showing that I asked them where I should send the invoices or what addresses I should use for the invoices, and they have emailed back saying that they can’t give me those details because they don’t want invoices.  There is no problem with payment - they pay me on time etc, they just don’t want invoices.

How do I handle this in terms of sending invoices?  Of course I can keep the invoices on my side, but surely I don’t have to send the invoices if the clients refuse to receive them?  Please kindly let me know if this would be ok.  As you can probably imagine, competition is quite high at the moment for work and I’m worried that if I send invoices to the wrong place/against clients’ wishes, they’ll just use someone else!

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