Invoices and receipts accounting

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Sorry for this long one! I am looking for information regarding various factures in my accounting. I am a services only auto-entrepeneur and all my services I offer are valued over €25, so each time there’s a reciept / facture required.

In my accounting I have issued paper “factures” (from exacompta with hard copy)  for each transaction (which include all details including TVA non appl), as sometimes I pick a service up directly on the day, with no computer / printer on hand to print an invoice ‘template’.

To other clients I have given invoice ‘template’, then no paper ‘facture’, as service has been recorded on the invoice.

When I log all this into my registre recettes, in order from the date paid, the invoice numbers are put in varied ways… For example, the paper factures are ref. 12345E - 1,  ref. 12345E - 2,  ref. 12345E - 3 etc, then second book, ref. 23451E - 1, ref. 23451E - 2, ref. 23451E - 3) until 30, then it’s an actual invoice numbered 31,  (31-date of invoice-01) , after that in the registre recettes paper receipts 31, 32, 33, etc until 64, then the next invoice was emailed to a client (32-date of invoice-01), then paper 65, 66, 67, then next invoice (33-date of invoice-01), then paper 68, 69, 70 and so they both continue… These are all recorded on exact dates of payment

Now, other clients have came through an external booking platform, 2 examples are Viator and Stripe payments.

So, I now have other receipt numbers from Viator or Stripe… Taken from their invoice system, (ref VIATOR 98765, or STRIPE 56789). With which I registered their invoice number from them (ref VIATOR 98765, or STRIPE 56789), which co-relates exactly to how it is on my bank account payment from them.

Now I’m concerned, as I read somewhere invoices should be in chronological order, and now with 4 seperate forms of invoices, they’re not… Paper factures (exacompta) in order, invoice template in order, but STRIPE and VIATOR produce really random numbers… Is this ok to continue doing this system, or should I manually override STRIPE and VIATOR and put them in as paper receipts from now? If you have any other tips on this situation, that would be great.


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