Invoice, Currency, Bank transfer and Social Security number

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Dear Valérie,

I have so many questions and honestly quite lost with all the information out there on Auto/Micro-entrepreneur. So I am so glad that I found this forum!

First of all, I am from Taiwan and I just moved to France to live with my French husband and I am authorised to work with titre de sejour. I just applied for a tax status for Auto/Micro-Entrepreneur ( Les professions libérales ) a few weeks ago to work as a freelance art director and designer. The business starts in July and I already have a Siren/Siret number sent over by Insee a few days ago. My concerns are:

1) Invoice: All my clients are from overseas mainly UK and Singapore. Does the invoice needs to be in French as my clients are all
English-speaking. Alternatively, can I write both French and English in one invoice for both the foreign client and ME system to understand? I normally charge my clients in Sterling or Singapore dollars - is it fine if the currency on the invoice is not in Euros? What should I do if the work is charged in another currency? Do I make a rough conversion or estimation on the invoice? Eg. from sterling to euros at the TOTAL section of the invoice.

2) Bank account: I have opened a new French bank Euros account with credit agricole specially for Micro-entrepreneur incomes. For eg - if the UK client pays me in Sterling to this account - I would not be able to know the final amount in Euros after I received the payment with the bank’s conversion rates and fees ( this links back to the question on billing the UK client in Sterling and what’s the best way out of this situation? )

3) Transferwise: I have heard that I could use Transferwise to save on the conversion rates and fees of normal bank transfers. It would also make it easier for the UK client to pay in Sterling but can I use the bank details of a Transferwise borderless Sterling account on my invoice as its not a French or Euros account?

4) Social Security number: Currently I don’t have an SS number yet and I sent an application to CPAM for the carte vitale 2 months ago through the post - haven’t heard back on anything yet. Then I am recently told that I shouldn’t have done that because by applying Micro-entrepreneur - URSSAF would be giving me a SS number. I’m worried that I have accidentally applied for SS number twice and I might get into trouble for that - what should I do now and how long will I get the SS number from URSSAF?

Thank you and looking forward to your reply!

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