Initial declaration for cotisation fonciere des entreprises

Sky Blue Saint
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I registered as an auto entrepreneur in August 2013 and have just received the form Declaration initiale for Cotisation Fonciere des Entreprises. On the first page my business is described accurateIy, with my activity noted as activites non commerciales div. I can complete the lengthy form but am uncertain what is required for the very first question under section C Biens du nouvel etablissement passibles…. This asks simply Nature du bien, with a single line box for the response.  The notes (n.13) are extensive however!  Briefly:

Indiquer s’il s’agit : de locaux (usines, aterliers, boutiques [etc.] terrains passibles [etc]....d’installations destinees a abriter des personnes [etc]....d’elements soumis[etc].

None of these seems to apply to me.

My property is an ordinary house and I work from my office, i.e., a desk and computer in a corner of one room. No other part of my house or garden or land is used for my business as an auto entrepreneur. Is there a simple formula which would fit in the space provided, and satisfy what they are looking for?

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