Income tax paid at source Micro Entrepreneur (prelevement liberatoire)

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My Micro Entrepreneur entity was created with the option to pay income tax on source (rate is 2.2% for services). This is of course on top of the 22% social contributions.

My questions:
1 - Is this really all the tax (impot) to be paid? It seems smaller than a normal salary tax.
2 - The auto will calculate the amounts to be paid based on the above percents. Will the 22 % social + the 2.2 % impot will be paid together in one transaction or will there be separate transactions in separate accounts?
3 - What do I do if I declare the first income end of January but I don’t yet have an account with ? My activation code for my online account seems to have been lost, I will probably have to request it again. This is related to the previous question as I don’t know if the 2.2 % impot has to be paid to, and how do I pay it if I don’t have yet an online account with impots.

Thank you in advance

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